Display containing an assortment of eight card games, including Connect 4 Card Game, Battleship Card Game, Guess Who Card Game and Clue Card Game. All by Hasbro.

The Connect 4 Card Game: TILES AND MISSION CARDS: Players choose Connect 4 Tile cards from the draw deck, and arrange them to match patterns on their Mission Cards such as 4 in a row, 4 in a square, and 4 in an "L" shape.

The Clue Card Game. Solve the mystery: in this twist on the classic game of "whodunit", players find out what's under the crime card -- who did it, with what, and where -- by asking other players questions.

The Battleship Card Game: in this version of the Battleship game, players lay out their Coordinate cards in front of them, and choose the Battle cards from their hand to play either a Peg card or a Power card. It's an exciting strategy game as players use their cards to search out, hit, and sink enemy ships.

The Guess Who? Card Game: in this version of the Guess Who? game, players lay out their Character cards in front of them and choose a Mystery Character from the Mystery deck. Then each player asks their opponent a yes or no question, and the answer gets them closer to who's on their opponent's Mystery card. When they think they know who their opponent's Mystery Character is, players make a guess. A correct guess makes that player the winner.

  • Product Code: HASE7495

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